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Acknowledgment to country: We acknowledge the traditional owners of the land of which we live and learn. We pay our respect to them for their care of the land over countless generations. We hope they will walk with us on our journey as we share friendship together – ‘Going Bush' by Nadia Wheatley

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 Children can grow confidence and positive self-esteem when they're in a compassionate and dependable environment.  We endeavour for excellence in this regard, with our staff continually developing their knowledge, skills and abilities to evaluate and progress with each individual child, making their time in our care a safe and positive experience. 

Our Philosophy

Meal Times


We strive for and encourage meal time’s to be an enjoyable learning experience where the diversity and nutritional value of food is discussed and introduced to the children.


During this time the children have the opportunity to use their sense of touch, taste and smell to discover and develop knowledge about the food we are eating, whilst also using this time as a social opportunity for the children to interact on a different level, with both peers and educators.

Behaviour Management


We promote positive and support skills to enhance children’s behavior to assist them in being able to make their own decisions whilst also teaching them to know the right choices to make.


Staff are educated on guiding children on an emotional path to explore their senses and provide children with encouraging skills for the children to be able to cope with unexpected emotional change and achieve any of their individual needs.

School Readiness

Pre-school readiness is an inclusion and individualised experience that enhances each child’s individual needs and focuses on each child’s ability to become confident, positive and involved participants of their learning.


We support this through a uniquely constructed school readiness program and philosophy that strives to achieve the very best learning journey for each child.

Culture, Community & Family

Community and family involvement is something we strive to achieve throughout the entire year and supports the children and their family's right to feel safe, secure, involved and valued within our centre and environment.


We encourage community contributions, ideas and incorporate what individualised cultural experiences and knowledge our families suggest to increase the exposure of our surrounding community and the diverse opportunities it has to offer.

Learning through Play

Learning through play is a fundamental learning experience for all children that masks the look of particular learning and encourages children to be involved. Educators encourage this whilst also being respectful to the child’s rights and decision making skills.


We strive to make learning interest based, inclusive and use open ended communication techniques between child and educator to help develop play and create interest.


We keep our play environment fun and knowledgeable to influence the very best learning opportunities to each and every child and individualize our curriculum to enhance all different ways of learning.


Children are regularly involved in the continuation and contribution of keeping a sustainable environment intact. We encourage participation through hands on experiences which include, watering, gardening, composting and recycling.


Sustainability awareness and exposure is influenced in our outside environment where children look upon our sustainability wall for encouraging and often will take upon their own agency skills to become involved in sustainability practices.


We teach a sense of respect for living and nonliving things through our animals and encourage the continuation of hands on help to look after and maintain a happy environment for our rabbits. 

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