Erina: Tel: 4367 7760  |   |  42 Karalta Road, Erina NSW 2250

Killarney Vale: Tel: 4388 6515  |  |  181 Wyong Road, Killarney Vale NSW 2261

Acknowledgment to country: We acknowledge the traditional owners of the land of which we live and learn. We pay our respect to them for their care of the land over countless generations. We hope they will walk with us on our journey as we share friendship together – ‘Going Bush' by Nadia Wheatley

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Bright Buttons is a special pre-school, long daycare & flexible childcare centre. A family owned extension of your own family home. Where your child will be loved & nurtured, feel safe, make friends, have fun, learn lots and simply thrive! 

Now Enrolling:  6 weeks to 6 years

Open Mon-Fri:  7am till 6.30pm

Special Announcements:

You could be eligible for FREE Child Care!?


Though the Government's child care subsidy does certainly help with the cost of child care, we firmly believe that good quality child care should be available to everyone!!


So for those families who are still finding it tough, we're now offering "NO GAP" child care (just like some doctors do with Medicare), which means that you could actually get your child care for FREE! Conditions do apply, so call us to find out if you're eligible.


We're super excited to have Storypark!! 


Communication, both with the children that we care for and their families, is a big part of who we are. Storypark allows our families to be more involved in their child's day, by enabling us to share it with you as it happens... every day. 

We record and communicate your child's learning and activities via video, photos and stories, which you have access to instantly. Find out more >>>





You and your baby will love it here. Your baby will be held, cuddled, talked to & stimulated consistently by loving nurturing teachers trained in Early Childhood Development.


They will help your infant develop early communication skills by using Baby Sign Language.


You’ll receive daily communication and are welcome to drop by or call anytime to chat with the teachers.




Your Toddler  will feel comfortable and secure; loved and nurtured; happy and content. 


Your child will experience successes that encourage physical, emotional, social, and intellectual growth.


As your child develops their own sense of self confidence they will begin to identify and understand their unique strengths and abilities as they transition to preschool.




Your preschooler will develop a love of learning while working & playing diligently in our developmentally appropriate, interactive-hands-on Early Childhood Development Centre.


Your child will be ready to excel in Kindergarten and beyond with physical, emotional, social, and intellectual skills developed through our self confidence building Pre-Kindergarten curriculum.

What can you expect at Bright Buttons?